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The Cambria Legacy

Nothing about Cambria’s beginning was very strategic. “It just kind of happened,” says Cambria President and CEO Marty Davis. It all began when Marty Davis’ friend put him onto this new investment opportunity. The Davises studied the opportunity and ultimately Mark Davis, Marty’s father, made a personal investment in a northern Minnesota business start-up in the late ‘90s.

They loved the company’s technology and quartz product, but didn’t know much more than that about the operation. But taking risks was something the Davis family was familiar with. Entrepreneurial instinct is a family legacy that began with Stan and Mark Davis, who owned small creameries that eventually lead to the formation of Davisco Foods International, an international leader in the dairy industry.

Inspiration You Can Experience

Once you’ve begun to dream about a room, images aren’t enough. Enter Cambria Galleries. Our expertly curated showrooms will help complete your vision and leave you brimming with new ideas.